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i've got a flask inside my pocket, we can share it on the train

and if you promise to stay conscious, i will try and be the same

it is one way to live
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we might die from medication
but we sure killed all the pain
+, a good night's sleep, airing out rooms, alone in the theatre, alphabetical orderliness, being artisick, being up til dawn, boys hands to mine, boys holding open doors, bubbles in soda, bumming cigarettes off strangers, chipped nail polish, chocolate cupcakes, cigarette smoke, cleaning up nicely, collages, contrarians, conversations with strangers, dancing in your room, dandelions, discovering new libraries, drawing around class notes, drawing on trainers, drinking tea, eating sorbet in bed, european streets, experimentation of all sorts, extraordinarians, fate, finding old diaries, first kisses, friday, gloves and scarves, high-heeled boots, holidaymakers, impulse steals, letter writing, life, life in the limelight, literature, love on the subway, love was always cruel, lust, method acting, monday, new hairdos, one man's trash, personal vacations, pink fishnets, pleated skirts and knee-highs, reading chapters outloud, reading in tall grass, revolving doors, saturday, second kisses, self-imposed dress codes, shirts with upturned collars, skirts to twirl in, sleeping over twelve hours, strangers smiling back, sun showers, sunday, thursday, tragic paris romances, trashy romance books, tuesday, vanishing, wednesday